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The Bad Boy Running Podcast

Running is great, so why aren't the podcasts? Bad Boy Running is a podcast for runners (boys AND girls!) who are bored of the dull and dry podcasts currently on offer. Hosted by friends Jody Raynsford and David Hellard, both running journalists, bloggers and lovable idiots, the show features the conversations they'd have in the pub focusing as much on the camaraderie and social side of the sport as the technical. 

Oct 30, 2015

Why do you race? That’s the question Jody and David are tackling this episode as they veer into banging on about whatever it is that helps them run.

WARNING! This episode contains some actual information about running… please don’t hold it against them.

Here’s some of the delightful highlights:

  • Jody talks about...

Oct 16, 2015

Here it is. The second part of our bonus episodes where we talk about David's (or Hellard's) experience on BBC Two's Special Forces Ultimate Hell Week.

Here's the highlights:

  • David reveals how he is now the No.1 hated person in the Philippines and why he’s worried for his safety
  • Jody gives David an honest appraisal...

Oct 9, 2015

In this episode we’re pondering the question of the worst things you can do before running a marathon.

Some of the things we talk about include:

  • The many reasons why Jody STILL hasn’t joined a running club
  • What the point of those terrible clickbait running listicle features are
  • A list of the worst things you...

Oct 2, 2015

We're not exaggerating by claiming this is a classic episode. We say that about every episode... but this one is a bit special with Jody and David talk about David's entry into BBC Two's Special Forces Hell Week series.

For some reason, some unsavoury characters also pop up in conversation.

Here's what went wrong:

  • Why...