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The Bad Boy Running Podcast

Running is great, so why aren't the podcasts? Bad Boy Running is a podcast for runners (boys AND girls!) who are bored of the dull and dry podcasts currently on offer. Hosted by friends Jody Raynsford and David Hellard, both running journalists, bloggers and lovable idiots, the show features the conversations they'd have in the pub focusing as much on the camaraderie and social side of the sport as the technical. 

Dec 24, 2016

Hold on to your Santa hat, because we've an extra special Bad Boy Running episode just for Christmas.

Not that it's any more relevant to running or indeed Christmas.

(But it may just keep you entertained enough to forget your annoying relatives and keep you going into a full food coma).


Dec 16, 2016

Hello Do-Badders, we are back! After a brief interlude for travel reasons we have returned to the airwaves for a general catch up episode! Highlights include Rob Young chat, an introduction 40 minutes in, our logos on a cheek at the Mudstacle Awards, Marathon recommendations, race cancellations, and a new clothing range...

Nov 18, 2016

A warning to all Do-Badders: This Podcast contains useful, relevant information. Terry gives lots of running advice and Jody and David discuss his achievements with him. Having been running for a relatively short period of time, Terry talks about his continual improvement including discussion of his training...

Nov 10, 2016

They guys open with how much (or little) running they've both been doing and talk about upcoming races. We then find out what David's old school reports said about his sporting capabilities.

The guys then bring in Gary from Six Physio to talk about the work they do and answer some Do-Badder questions. Just to be...

Nov 4, 2016

In this episode, Jody and David speak to Rhonda-Marie Avery, an accomplished ultra runner with a ton of ridiculous running accolades under her belt. She talks about some of her most badass races, the problems and pitfalls of running with a guide, her Barkley Marathons experience and a load more besides. 

At the end of...