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The amazing world of running you didn't know existed, from a marathon club in San Quentin State Penitentiary to racing 350 miles, unaided with only 8% vision, to setting up a girl's running club in Afghanistan, reprobates David Hellard & Jody Raynsford bring you the world's most interesting running stories, its most incredible runners, presented by some of its worst.

Dec 4, 2020

Not many people are given the remit in a new job to "make it global".

But Greg Vollet was given exactly that task by Salomon as part of his role as global running manager. And over the last decade, he has helped introduce trail running to regions across to world by recruiting athletes from countries that had never even heard of trail running to begin with.

In this episode, David and Jody go deep into exactly how Greg was a part in helping trail running go global, how the brand selects and manages its athletes and 

Much to David's delight, Greg also reveals some crafty race team strategy and antics.

And Jody brings up the issue of Salomon Man and what to do about him...


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