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The amazing world of running you didn't know existed, from a marathon club in San Quentin State Penitentiary to racing 350 miles, unaided with only 8% vision, to setting up a girl's running club in Afghanistan, reprobates David Hellard & Jody Raynsford bring you the world's most interesting running stories, its most incredible runners, presented by some of its worst.

Apr 24, 2020

We don't care what you've done in ultrarunning, your achievements are nothing compared with Mimi Anderson's.

With a bunch of Guinness World Records to her name, Mimi has ticked off so many of the iconic ultraraces and more, including Double Badwater, Spartathlon, 6633 Ultra, JOGLE, and won a legion of fans in the process. She's known as the world's most inspirational female runner for a reason.

Starting her running career at 36, Mimi jumped straight into the frying pan with the Marathon des Sables and her list of achievements quickly grew from there.

Running offered Mimi so much, but the level of endurance has also caused issues and injuries which now prevents her from competing at the same level (sadly, she's turned to the Dark Side, i.e. triathlon).

David talks to Mimi about her career and the impact shifting away from running is having - plus a warning for those ultrarunners who are pushing themselves to the edge.


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