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The Bad Boy Running Podcast

Running is great, so why aren't the podcasts? Bad Boy Running is a podcast for runners (boys AND girls!) who are bored of the dull and dry podcasts currently on offer. Hosted by friends Jody Raynsford and David Hellard, both running journalists, bloggers and lovable idiots, the show features the conversations they'd have in the pub focusing as much on the camaraderie and social side of the sport as the technical. 

Jan 8, 2016

In Part I of this special two-parter on Race Preparation, we discuss how to set yourself up for your best race ever… or at least not totally crash and burn.

There’s some attempt to offer running advice in this episode. Clocking in at an hour and 40 minutes total run time, it would have to happen at some point on the balance of probability.

Is it useful? Who knows…

Here’s what Part I looks like:

  • Jody and David demonstrate again why they shouldn’t have sponsors
  • David explains the beauty of our latest sponsor (if you’ve heard of them, answers on a postcard please)
  • David happens to mention that he’s won TWO races
  • David makes another damaging revelation of something he’s SCARED of (we’ll be using this later…)
  • Why you should always check which race your competitors are running
  • David reveals he doesn’t actually know where the last race he won was
  • David can’t hide his disappointment at feeling terrible after winning his races… (wtf?!)
  • David’s date from the first podcast gets in touch
  • The weekly check-in for David’s Plenty of Fish account… it’s barren
  • ALERT! ALERT! Both Jody and David feel shame after reading a recent Runner’s World article… (this is disgusting)
  • Why Jody and David need to UP the filth factor just to stay in business
  • David reveals EXACTLY what he does with beetroot for a week before the marathon
  • Why David often reverts to being a 90s A-level student on his races
  • Jody’s marathon-long run-in with coconut water


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