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The amazing world of running you didn't know existed, from a marathon club in San Quentin State Penitentiary to racing 350 miles, unaided with only 8% vision, to setting up a girl's running club in Afghanistan, reprobates David Hellard & Jody Raynsford bring you the world's most interesting running stories, its most incredible runners, presented by some of its worst.

May 24, 2017

After a brief discussion of Lee’s progress on the Monarch’s Way, the guys talk about David’s ambitions to be a Celebrant which would give him to power to marry people (without their consent sometimes).

Twenty minutes in the guys give a formal intro to the podcast and then discuss the topics for today’s episode.

Jody runs very far, we find out his experience of this and how it compares to other races he’s done and David yells at people at London Marathon. All of the yelling is very justified.

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